The most valuable asset to any organization is people. In the mining industry, Arch Premier Search is your key to accessing the best people in the industry.  By having a singular focus on mining, we have built an extensive network across all segments of the industry.  As industry specialists, we quickly comprehend your requirements, and are uniquely qualified to effectively represent your search. We are consultants to our clients, providing them valuable insight throughout the hiring process. They view us as their eyes and ears in the industry, keeping them updated on current trends, as well as providing feedback on the company’s public perception. We are often our clients’ best source of PR, getting their message out to the industry in an effective and professional manner. 

We have close relationships with a wide network of candidates including passive candidates, – people who are currently doing the job an employer is looking to fill but are not actively job searching or reading the ads a company places in the newspaper or on the internet. These top talents are not on the job boards, and are happy where they are at. They have confidentially shared their career goals with us, and we have the ability to make them aware of your opportunity as a potential advancement for their career.

We also have the experience, knowledge, and skills necessary to source the top candidates from your direct competitors.

 By having immediate access to the most desirable candidates, we can greatly reduce your time-to-fill cycle, thus providing immediate ROI, allowing you to focus on your core business. We present the client company with only the best and most qualified of candidates. They are carefully screened to ensure that their skills and knowledge are current and qualified for today’s industry needs. This pre-screening process saves the client company numerous hours of interviews, as well as the costs associated with management’s time spent on screening and sorting through less than qualified candidates.  We are a contingency search firm, and provide a 60 day replacement guarantee.  If a candidate leaves or is terminated within the 60 days, we will replace them at no extra charge.  Please call me to discuss how I can make your job easier.