Let Arch Premier Search help you obtain the rewarding job you’re looking for in the mining and metals industry. We have leads on all levels of employment, everywhere in the United States, at companies people want to work for.  At Arch Premier Search, our primary objective is on building mutually beneficial long term relationships of trust. We are dedicated to helping top professionals in the mining industry advance their careers.  We do our best to help people, and they tend to return the favor. Our clients turn to us when they have a need they can’t fill on their own.  

The mining industry is an extremely small, tight knit community.  We understand the confidential nature of undertaking a potential job change, and we guarantee to keep all of your information absolutely confidential from any client or prospect until you commit to exploring an opportunity with us. Many of the candidates we work with use us as a resource to find out about industry trends, detailed company information, and to ask for our advice, guidance, and counsel on companies that they are considering taking a look at. We will always provide honest feedback and share whatever insight we can provide.

Arch Premier Search works closely with our candidates, to ensure that the opportunities in which they are considering are the best ones available for them and their family.  We take the time to understand your unique personal situation and goals. From finding potential jobs to preparing you for interviews to helping you negotiate job offers, we work with you every step of the way. That process builds a relationship of trust that will last well beyond one placement and into career opportunities in the future.  Our services are confidential and available at no cost to you!  So if you’re ready to let someone else increase your exposure to employers, increase your network and career opportunities, as well as put yourself forward for career growth and development, we look forward to speaking with you.